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Vilnius Open

the 7h Ballroom Dance Competition
Eimutis Andriuškevičius, LPŠA, Šokio harmonija
Vilnius / Lithuania
19 Mar 2022

Conformance with the schedule

5.00 /5

Dressing rooms

5.00 /5

Design and comfort of the hall

5.00 /5


4.00 /5


1.00 /5

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Categories19 March, Saturday
Competition day
1Open Juveniles U12 Freedom to DanceW-T-VW-Q, C-S-R-J
2Open Juniors I Freedom to DanceW-T-VW-Q, C-S-R-J
3Senior I Open Freedom to DanceST, LA
4Senior II Open Freedom to DanceST, LA
5Open Juveniles U12 Solo Freedom to DanceC-S-R-J-Sa
6Open Juniors I Solo Freedom to DanceC-S-R-J-Sa
7Open Juniors II Solo Freedom to DanceC-S-R-J-Sa
8Adults Solo Open Freedom to DanceSal-Ba-Mer, C-S-R-J
9Children I NewcomerW-C
10Children II NewcomerW-C
11Children I BeginnersW-C
12Children II BeginnersW-C
13Juveniles BeginnersW-C
14Children II BronzeW-Q-C-J
15Juveniles BronzeW-Q-C-J
16Juniors I BronzeW-Q-C-J
17Juveniles SilverW-T-Q-C-R-J
18Juniors I SilverW-T-Q-C-R-J
19Juniors II SilverW-T-Q-C-R-J
20Juveniles GoldST, LA
21Juniors I GoldST, LA
22Juniors II GoldST, LA
23Adult BeginnersW-T-Q, C-S-R
24Adult AdvancedW-T-VW-Q, C-S-R-J
25Senior BeginnersW-T-Q, C-S-R
26Senior AdvancedW-T-VW-Q, C-S-R-J
27Solo Children I NewcomerW-C
28Solo Children II NewcomerW-C
29Solo Juveniles NewcomerW-C
30Solo Children I BeginnersW-C
31Solo Children II BeginnersW-C
32Solo Juveniles BeginnersW-C
33Solo Juniors I BeginnersW-C
34Solo Children I BronzeW-C-J
35Solo Children II BronzeW-C-J
36Solo Juveniles BronzeW-C-J
37Solo Juniors I BronzeW-C-J
38Solo Juniors II BronzeW-C-J
39Solo Children II SilverC-R-J
40Solo Juveniles SilverC-R-J
41Solo Juniors II SilverC-R-J
42Solo Juniors I SilverC-R-J
43Solo Juveniles GoldC-S-R-J
44Solo Juniors I GoldC-S-R-J
45Solo Juniors II GoldC-S-R-J
46Solo A NewcomerC-R, Sal-Ba
47Solo A BeginnerSal-Ba, C-S-R
48Solo A AdvancedC-S-R-J, Sal-Ba
49Solo B NewcomerC-R, Sal-Ba
50Solo B BeginnersSal-Ba, C-S-R
51Solo B AdvancedC-S-R-J, Sal-Ba
JudgesCity / Country